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Winter 2021

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Your pension in 2022

NN’s current pension plan is due to expire on 31 December 2021. The social partners (the employer and the trade unions) have decided that after that date, NN CDC Pensioenfonds will continue to execute the current pension fund for another nine months. As part of this extension, agreements have been made with regard to the targeted accrual rate of your pension. This article explains what this means for you.

What you need to do if you relocate in or to a foreign country

If your situation changes, you should always consider how this might affect your pension. For example, if you relocate in or to a foreign country. Or move back to the Netherlands. Make sure you can always be reached! We have made a short list of the things you need to take care of.

I keep an eye on the funding ratio

Regardless of whether you’re currently employed by NN or you've left the company or retired, the pension fund's funding ratio has an impact on your pension. That's why it’s an important indicator to keep an eye on. This article gives you an update on the development of the funding ratio in the third quarter.

I think everyone can save money

Shafinaaz takes a deep breath. “Today was another race against time,” she said when I met her late Friday afternoon. “This is how it always is before the weekend. Customers want to be called back, I need to plan meetings with mortgage advisers, people want a new house, a renovation or are getting a divorce. We first give them a list of questions to find out if a meeting will be any use. The current housing market is a madhouse. I’ve managed to finish everything on time, thank goodness.”

No indexation for 2021

NN CDC Pensioenfonds tries to increase the pensions of NN’s current and former employees and pensioners on an annual basis, in order to stay in line with the consumer price index. The pension fund takes its policy funding ratio on 30 September as the reference point.

My value transfer in 6 steps

Are your thinking of transferring your pension to NN CDC Pensioenfonds? Check out the 6 steps overview now.

AOW retirement age to stay 67 in 2027

The Dutch state pension (AOW) retirement age will not go up in 2027, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has announced.

Will my partner get a pension if we separate?

If you get a divorce, your pension accrual is divided between you and your partner. This is based on Dutch law which you sometimes can deviate from. No matter what you decide to do, it's important that you inform us within two years of your divorce.

Can I get a tax refund by averaging out my income?

We often get this question during the webinars we give to our colleagues at NN. Below, we’ll explain what averaging out your income means and how to calculate whether this option would be interesting to you.

Why are we getting a new national pension system?

The Dutch pension system is one of the best in the world. And yet, it needs to be updated because society has changed enormously. We also want people’s pensions to be better able to withstand shocks when there’s a downturn in the economy. And we want people to better understand what they have in their personal pension pot. Employers, employees, experts and the government are working together to achieve that. We aim to keep the good elements and to resolve the bottlenecks.

How to set aside additional retirement savings

If you work at NN, you automatically build up pension rights. That's certain. But there are also uncertainties, such as the rate of your annual pension accrual. If you'd rather avoid surprises and set aside additional retirement savings, read this article!