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What you need to do if you relocate in or to a foreign country

If your situation changes, you should always consider how this might affect your pension. For example, if you relocate in or to a foreign country. Or move back to the Netherlands. Make sure you can always be reached! We have made a short list of the things you need to take care of.

Relocating has a major impact on your life. Lots of changes you need to cope with and lots of things that need to be arranged – all the more so if you’re relocating to a foreign country. And don’t forget to think about the implications for your pension.

Report your new address
If you’re relocating in or to a foreign country, or moving back to the Netherlands, please report your new address to us. You can do this by logging into My Pension with your DigiD. Or you can send us a letter or email with a copy of your personal identification document.

Pension abroad
Would you like to receive your pension benefits abroad? Please report your bank account number and your Dutch citizen service number (BSN) to us well ahead of time. We will also ask you to fill out a life certificate every year and submit it to us. You will need to get this certificate signed by the local authorities. If you are already doing this via the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) you will not need to take any action. They will automatically send it to us.

Getting a divorce or passing away abroad
Are you residing abroad and getting a divorce? Please go to My Pension and report your divorce to us. Or get in touch with the Pension Desk. If you pass away while residing abroad, your surviving dependants will need to report this to us.

Details are on the website
Please go to our website to find everything you need to know about important events in your life that have an impact on your pension. Would you like to contact us personally about this topic? Don't hesitate – the Pension Desk staff are happy to help you.