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Will my partner get a pension if we separate?

If you get a divorce, your pension accrual is divided between you and your partner. This is based on Dutch law which you sometimes can deviate from. No matter what you decide to do, it's important that you inform us within two years of your divorce.

Under Dutch law, you and your partner are each entitled to half of the old-age pension rights accrued while you were married or registered as partners. However, you may agree to make a different division, or none at all. Important: a new law on division of pension after divorce is currently in the making.

Important note: the new law is expected to take effect on 1 July 2022, meaning the rules will change. This article explains the current rules.

Deviating agreement
If you’d prefer to divide your old age pension differently, or not at all, and this has not been specified in your prenuptial or partnership agreement, you can still include a provision to this effect in your divorce covenant. You must send us your covenant within two years after your divorce. For an explanation of the choices you can make, read this folder.

Surviving dependants’ pension for your ex-partner
Your ex-partner’s right to receive partner pension after your passing away depends on your pension plan. We refer to this as ‘special partner pension’. At NN CDC Pensioenfonds, your ex-partner is entitled to all of the partner pension you built up in our pension fund up to the date of your divorce or end of your registered partnership. If you have a new partner after that date, he or she will be entitled to partner pension from the date of your divorce or end of your registered partnership.

A new partner after a divorce
Do you have a new partner? Then it is important to note that your new partner’s pension may be lower than you expect because part of the partner pension is destined for your ex-partner. Check what you agreed in your divorce covenant.

Retirement date
At NN you can start your retirement from the day you turn 60, but not after you turn 68. If you have a divided pension, your ex-partner will receive a pension from the date you start your retirement.

Important note: instead of dividing your pension, you may opt for conversion of your pension. This means your ex-partner will receive a pension from the day he/she turns 68, no matter when you start your retirement.

More information
Visit the website Wijzeringeldzaken for more information (in Dutch only) on what changes when you separate from your partner and what you need to arrange. Or login to Mijnpensioenoverzicht for an overall summary of your pension rights. And on the pension fund’s website you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about pension if you decide to end your relationship.